Mulling Out Cloud with Riha

Clear your head and relate to life with Riha!


riha mulling

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Riha. I am writing this blog to share with you my experiences as I transition through life.

I also want to gain your knowledge, experiences and issues which you may encounter throughout your daily life. Life is complicated. I want to set this blog as a platform to connect us all so that we can get through life smoothly. I know life can not be perfect but we can support each other though this blog to ensure that we can cope with life’s several dilemmas easily and unitedly. I want us all to help create a better world so that we may all live with peace and happiness. There are many problems and successes we experience everyday. I am hoping that through this blog we all get the opportunity to deal with it all with strength and confidence. I believe that the only thing stopping us from pursuing our passion and fulfilling our dreams is the fear which is obstructing us from doing so. I welcome you all to join this blog no matter what age you are or which nationality you belong to. We are all human beings living on this Earth together facing various and yet similar challenges everyday.

We are one and together we can accomplish anything because nothing is impossible!




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