When the word, ‘education’ appears in our minds, what is the first think we think about? We ordinarily think of education as seeking or acquiring knowledge. We think of education as one of the key foundations required to build an ideal society. Take a moment to reassess whether this really is the case for the majority of the world. Globally education is endorsed to be one of the universal rights of an individual. I used to believe this as well up to the age of 10 perhaps. Unfortunately, the more I had matured, the more I had developed one thought about global education – purely a business in reality…


Global Education – Purely a Business in Reality: Primary Education

Primary education is mostly promoted to be the backbone of education. This is why it is mostly free in developed nations like Australia, for their national citizens. Even in underdeveloped nations like Bangladesh, primary education is affordable for all their citizens. Whether it be a developed or a developing nation, it is actually a crucial time for all young parents. This is because nowadays the worry about the quality of education based on just an academic institution is not the limit. As businesses have advanced, so have their strategies of attracting more consumers and overcoming intense as well as overgrowing numbers of competitors. One of these strategies include product or service differentiation. Consumers love to be presented with an option that they feel is more suited to their personal needs. This of course varies based on affordability. Global education – purely a business in reality, functions similarly to businesses. Thus, educational institutions of both these countries, Australia and Bangladesh appear to provide various mediums or styles of education.

Global Education - Purely a Business in Reality (PART I)

Global Education – Purely a Business in Reality: Differences in the Styles of Primary Education

In Australia and Bangladesh, there are mainly 2 types of education – public and private. Public education is largely funded by the government in both of these countries so the cost of education for both of these types of countries is insignificant and affordable by all their citizens. However, when it comes to receiving private education in any of these two countries, the cost, quality and opportunity for its customers vary extensively. Some types of private education styles that I had observed in Australia were Catholic private education, Catholic Maronite private education, Greek private education and Islamic private education. The education curriculum of all these styles mainly followed the national Australian curriculum. In addition to this, these different private styles of education also enhanced cultural and religious knowledge alongside the national syllabus. Yet, this did not mean that all of its students had to belong to a specific culture or religion. Students of all cultures and religions were accepted into these institutions. Therefore, it appears as though the Australian private institutions offer a major variation in their services based on the involvement of a certain cultural/religious educational component. In contrast, the private educational system in Bangladesh largely differs. Private education systems vary based on the adaptation of numerous national curriculums from around the world. This includes the British curriculum, American curriculum, Australian curriculum, Canadian curriculum and Singaporean curriculum. There is a range of examination and syllabus styles for the British curriculum which include Edexcel, Cambridge, Baccalaureate and AQA. Thus, the citizens of Bangladesh have alterations in private institutional services based on various styles of education offered by other nations abroad. This trait of variation vividly displays my main stance about global education – purely a business in reality.

Global Education - Purely a Business in Reality (PART I)


Global Education – Purely a Business in Reality: Similarities in the Styles of Primary Education

Despite the dissimilarities in developing and developed nations like Bangladesh and Australia, there are a significant number of similarities that prove my attitude regarding global education – purely a business in reality. The style of education parents may choose for their children can be solely based on the costs they can bear. Public education is mostly for all those who want to spend the least amount of money as possible on education whether by choice or by their states of earning. The wealthier or more ambitious parents mostly go for private education nowadays. The reasons why parents choose private education are usually:

  1. Highest quality of education
  2. Availability of highly credited and experienced teachers
  3. Most highly recognized and accepted primary/secondary education intended to qualify for higher education everywhere around the world.
  4. Greatest number of job opportunities
  5. Highest rate for securing jobs
  6. Ability to display high status of wealth (luxury service)

Global Education - Purely a Business in Reality (PART I)


After looking at all the characteristics, do you agree with my opinion of global education – purely a business in reality? The most concerning matter about this is that globally education is prioritized for profit maximization rather than the maximization of societal and children’s welfare. Whichever style of education parents choose for their children affect the children intensely. Whether the decision taken by the parents was correct or not, depends on the completion of a child’s entire education. For example, if a parent with low income chooses private education for his or her child, he or she should make sure that they will be able to support the child financially and mentally all the way so that the child can complete his or her education. The world is getting more competitive and so are the chances of success, hence I request all new parents to choose the best style of education for their children. Not only this, children require support, assistance and other options at all times from their parents, especially if their academic and career path is not going the way they all had intended. Global education – purely a business in reality focuses on profit generation. It does not focus on talent. Not every examination process is flawless so not all examination outcomes of a child are engraved accurately forever. This is why it is important for all new parents to make sure that they are always financially secure enough to cater to their children’s educational needs.


“And just because you have colleges and universities doesn't mean you have education.” 
― Malcolm X, Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers' Power


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