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Egale’s mom and her maternal side of the family expressed their deep concerns about Egale and her parents moving to New York. They expressed all the risks and dangers of taking such a life-changing decision. Egale’s dad expressed strong opposition to the crucial warnings with unreliable facts and assumptions. Tonnie’s advice stirred up a storm of perplexity in the minds of everyone who ever cared about Egale and her family…


The Crucial Warnings – Dangers that Lurked Ahead

Egale’s dad was constantly recommended to reconsider such a powerful decision. There were numerous dangers that lurked ahead. Tonnie was actually an old foe as per the knowledge of all the relatives. He was always jealous of how Egale’s dad had fortunately accomplished a beautiful wife, daughter and status in the society considering the small isolated village he had come from. Tonnie and Egale’s dad were both orphans from a small island near India. On the other hand, Tonnie achieved so little in his own eyes in comparison to Egale’s dad despite doing anything and everything to settle in New York. Egale’s dad rejected these thoughts with a sturdy reply, “Tonnie is a successful, family man now settled in New York. He wouldn’t hurt another family. He wouldn’t want my Egale to suffer now that he has children too. He just wants the best for my beautiful princess!” Tonnie had volunteered to take full responsibility for the arrangement of Egale’s family in New York. Apparently he was an esteemed lawyer back in the United States. He said that the United States is the land of the dreamers. Everyone’s dreams come true in that beautiful country. Tonnie said that they would receive high quality medical care, education and housing facility at free of cost if the family sticks with him there. Egale’s maternal uncle didn’t believe this for a second. How would it be possible for a country to provide its immigrants with all these benefits? He kept warning his sister and brother-in-law to search the internet and verify all of Tonnie’s claims before proceeding ahead. These discussions raised extreme fury in Egale’s dad. Egale’s dad persistently stated that everyone should mind their own business. They should not interfere in his decision. They should stop envying him and cursing him with such ill thoughts. Egale’s dad became more and more stubborn as well as angry with each passing day as relatives kept on expressing the crucial warnings. He even began to misbehave with Egale’s mom.


Egale’s mom was a brave and loving mother. She tolerated Egale’s dad’s rude behavior and emotional torture and insisted that he must think about Egale. She insisted that he must consider the amount of hardship that Egale will have to go through if things don’t go as smoothly as he had hoped. If they have to return to New Delhi after adjusting to the New York life, Egale will find it impossible to live in India again. She might even feel suffocated and imprisoned in a conservative Indian culture. Agreeing with her brother, Egale’s mom advised Egale’s father to research about the United States. Instead of researching about the living conditions there, he researched about the tourism spots and the celebrities in America. It soon became evident that attempting to encourage Egale’s dad to make sense of the crucial warnings was impossible. She had to choose to support him or stay behind forcefully. She finally decided to support Egale’s father and depart for their new home. She didn’t want to jeopardize Egale’s future with her dad, her own relationship with Egale’s dad nor did she want to diminish her family’s reputation in a conservative Indian society.

The Crucial Warnings (THE GIRL BEHIND THE SILVER DOOR – 3rd Part)


The Crucial Warnings – Heading Forward

Finally, the crucial warnings were ignored thanks to Egale’s dad. Before boarding for the flight to New York, everyone appeared extremely dismayed at the international airport. Everyone except Egale’s dad felt a nauseating feeling of dread for the mishaps that was speedily approaching this small, sweet family. Egale felt it too but she trusted her dad. She considered her dad to be her superman who would protect her for eternity. She was confident that no matter how terrible situations may be, her father would never leave her. Her father would never let terrible things happen to her…

The Crucial Warnings (THE GIRL BEHIND THE SILVER DOOR – 3rd Part)


The past speaks to us in a thousand voices, warning and comforting, animating and stirring to action. 
Felix Adler

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