In the first part of Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness, I was ignorant enough to wear a cursed scary clown costume on the night of Halloween. This scary clown costume provoked the rise of an army of bloodcurdling clowns in the hours of darkness. The massacre caused by these clowns was slowly appearing to bring the end of our existence…


Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness – Arrival of Our Saviour

To our great fortune, the boy from the store came to our rescue. He put in a lot of effort to find me. He had an inkling that I would not pay any heed to his warnings. He instructed me to use the dagger that came with the costume. I had to stab the leader of the army of bloodcurdling clowns in the hours of darkness as per what his gypsy scriptures had stated. He showed me the picture of the leader from his scriptures so that I would be able to identify it. I was incredibly worried because it was 4am and there was only an hour left until dawn. I asked him what would exactly happen if I was unsuccessful and the sun had risen. He replied that the whole world would be doomed as these bloodcurdling clowns would be trapped in this world forever. They would keep multiplying every midnight, wiping out the human race and take over the whole world. Despite all my fears, I had eventually succeeded thanks to the boy, Luca’s motivation and guidance.

Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness (Part II)

Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness – Their Origin

After all the conflicts had resolved, everyone praised me for heroically defeating the bloodcurdling clowns in the hours of darkness. Yet, I knew it was all my fault. I asked Luca how he knew that I would cause this catastrophe by wearing the costume. He explained the origin of the costume to me…

Long time ago in his gypsy community that was based in the UK, there was a family of entertainers. Their bloodline had carried on this tradition of being entertainers with immense joy and happiness. They were amazingly famous during those times. Sadly, their popularity had decreased as their audience were driven ultimately towards circuses. The whole family had ultimately joined the circus and entertained their crowd as clowns since they had no other source of income to survive. Nonetheless, the family had begun to enjoy entertaining their audience and had become the most favorite clown crew in their nation.

Next, their fame had led them to pursue an offer to join The Great American Circus based in Pennsylvania. Once they had arrived at their new circus, they were not being accepted very easily into The Great American Circus team. Most of the entertainers of the circus were not fond of the idea of having more popular new entertainers. Driven by envy, the American entertainers formed a group, and devised a plan to burn the entire gypsy family alive.

Luca’s grandmother (the elderly woman from the store) was a distant descendant of the gypsy family of entertainers. After the devised plan had been carried out successfully, Luca’s grandmother arrived in Pennsylvania at the town where The Great American Circus was based. After comprehensive personal investigations, she found out about the heinous crime that had destroyed a significant part of her affectionate and talented bloodline. She wanted the criminals punished severely so she filed a case against The Great American Circus at the local police station. She presented all her findings and evidence to the police. Regrettably, the sheriff of Pennsylvania at that time was strongly corrupted. Therefore, The Great American Circus was able to save its reputation and its criminal entertainers through a payoff to the sheriff. They used their fame and fortune unfairly to gain an upper hand on the situation. The sheriff destroyed all the evidence and terminated the case. Infuriated by this injustice, Luca’s grandmother vowed to avenge the death of her relatives. She used her knowledge of dark magic to capture the tormented souls of her deceased clown family. She bound the distressed souls to the scary costume of a clown she had made. She casted a dark spell on the costume so that the anguished souls would transform into an army of bloodcurdling clowns in the hours of darkness (the night of Halloween) and abolish this entire town. Fortunately, even the darkest spells of all time, have a counter-spell. In this case, the dagger withheld the counter-spell that would neutralize the dark spell and return everything to normal.

Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness (Part II)

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