On a gloomy Halloween night in Pennsylvania, our small town was raided by bloodcurdling clowns. The appearance of bloodcurdling clowns in the hours of darkness was not exactly new in our nation. However, their visibility was certainly rare in our part of the town considering how much terror they had been causing lately all over. The people of our town considered it a blessing that no one had to encounter these horrible individuals. Unfortunately, this blessing had vanished on a vexatious Halloween night because of my ignorance…


Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness – Lighting up the Porch

On the eve of Halloween, I was decorating the front porch of our house with jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween decorations. Inside the house, one of my roommates was carving up the pumpkins whilst my other roommate was preparing all the paper maché Halloween decoration items. As I was putting the final touches on the decorations, a mischievous plan had popped into my mind. I informed my roommates that I needed a break so I was going out for a stroll.

After long hours of search, I had reached my destination. I finally found a store that sold a scary clown costume. The store was near the outskirts of our town. It was an antique store. I entered the store despite feeling the voice inside me telling me to turn away. Inside, it was very dim. Only a soft red glow was illuminating the entire store. The atmosphere felt eerie and I still wonder now why I kept on proceeding forward. A boy similar to my age (around 20s) approached me. He was dressed in the clothing of Elizabethan era. I could also see that he had a lot of jewelleries on him. Those jewelleries consisted of all types of unfamiliar shapes and symbols. He welcomed me with a warm, friendly smile. I pointed towards the scary clown costume and told him that I wanted to purchase it. He asked me, “Are you sure?” I was quite dumbfounded by this! “Yes, of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” I replied. He stated that he did not wish that I get in trouble for wearing this costume out on Halloween this year because of the recent events happening nationwide. He kept on suggesting that I buy any of the other costumes on display but that one. Nevertheless, the stubborn me continued to insist for the scary clown costume. Out of nowhere, an elderly woman soon appeared. She appeared infuriated towards the boy for not letting me purchase my desired Halloween costume. From her appearance and accent, she appeared to be an English gypsy. She seemed pleased that I wanted to buy this costume even though the boy expressed an opposite expression. I explained to both of the people in the store that I wanted to scare both of my roommates with this costume. I actually had a Halloween costume already for attending the town’s annual Halloween party. The boy expressed a sigh of relief and said that it is best for everyone if I didn’t wear the costume in public on the night of Halloween. On the other hand, the elderly woman exclaimed, “That’s a shame! What can possibly be better than bloodcurdling clowns in the hours of darkness on Halloween?!”
Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness (Part I)


Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness – Mischief Turns into Witlessness

I arrived home to find that all the Halloween decorations had been placed without me. It was time for us three roommates to make some handmade Halloween treats. Once we were halfway through making the treats, we decided to rest for a while. I felt like it was the perfect time to scare the wits out of my two roommates. I sneaked into my room and put on the costume. The elderly lady even gave me complimentary face paints to use in case I needed to make my look even more terrifying. Once I had finished putting together the entire terrifying costume, I creeped near my two innocent roommates. They were munching on snacks and watching Stephen King’s ‘It’ movie. They were absolutely petrified after seeing me and began sobbing. I revealed my face and began to apologize constantly feeling a little guilty. After they had calmed down, we all began to laugh together. They applauded me for my costume as well and suggested that I wear it to the Halloween party. I ended up agreeing to their suggestion.

When the clock struck midnight at the Halloween party, the ambiance of the entire town began changing drastically. Dark red clouds began to gather above our entire town. Red fireballs began to fall down from the sky and smoky smell filled the atmosphere. The worst soon followed as the emergence of an army of bloodcurdling clowns in the hours of darkness appeared. These clowns were not like the ones that we had heard about in the news. They were not evil human beings disguising themselves to commit crimes but were actually supernatural entities. They were tearing the flesh and draining the blood off any human that came within their reach…

Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness (Part I)


Find out what happens in the next part… Bloodcurdling Clowns in the Hours of Darkness (Part II)
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