“I do not have the money to pay the tuition fees for my upcoming semester,” Rayon informed his mother with a heavy heart but an impassive expression. Rayon’s mother told him to stay in his room and not come out. She instructed him to call her through the intercom if he needed anything. After he entered his room, he realized that the doorknob appeared to have been swallowed into nothingness as he heard a whooshing sound. His mind immediately leaped into a thought, “Did I fail life or did life fail me?”


Did I Fail Life or did Life Fail Me? –Agitation

Despite projecting a stoic expression previously at his mother, Rayon had actually been feeling a cocktail of negative emotions deep within him. His throat choked up with tears. His head felt heavy and dizzy with the agitating apprehension of a dark future awaiting ahead. Will he ever be what he needs to be? Will he ever earn enough to support his family of a tender, loving mother and an innocent younger sister? Will he ever complete his graduation? Why did his client suddenly stop communicating with him? Why would his client reward him with bonuses and raises only to have left him stranded like a castaway? His mind drifted again to the thought, “Did I fail or did life fail me?”

Did I Fail Life or did Life Fail Me? -Agitation


Did I Fail Life or did Life Fail Me? –Suspicion

Once Rayon observed the disappearance of the doorknob, he began to feel like some type of strange force was active. He recalled how his mother had told him to stay in his room and call her through the intercom in his room if he needed anything. He wondered with fright how his mother knew he would not be able to leave his room. He suspected that his life had been playing a game with him all along. He felt like life was attempting to destroy him. Life wanted to win by making him lose. Life wanted to control him. He suspiciously marveled at why his mind kept reinforcing the question, “Did I fail life or did life fail me?” Was every misfortune that was happening to him, a part of life’s cruel game? Were his dearest ones a part of this cruel game as well?


Rayon gathered up the courage to find out about the occurrence. After all that has happened to him so far, he was a survivor. He was not going to ruin all his hard work and intense efforts by giving up to life’s cruel game. Therefore, he took a deep breath in and decided to use the intercom. He used his intercom to call his mother so that he could confront her about what was happening. After half-an-hour, his mother came in with a joyful glee. He was appalled at this abnormal change in his mother! His affectionate mother appeared to enjoy his worrisome situation! His mind pondered back to the question once more, “Did I fail life or did life fail me?” Shaking off that puzzling pessimistic thought again, he proceeded to inform his mother of everything that was going on. His mother’s reaction remained as gleeful as it was before. She simply asked Rayon, “May I leave now?” Rayon decided to interrogate his mother with simple personal information. She replied all of the answers correctly and asked whether she could leave every time she answered. Finally, Rayon replied with frustration, “Yeah, you can leave, mom”.

Did I Fail Life or did Life Fail Me? -Suspicion


Did I Fail Life or did Life Fail Me? –Realization

Rayon’s mother was about to turn the doorknob when an idea had suddenly struck Rayon. As his mom was taking her final step through the door, he rushed forward like a herd of bulls so that he would be able to pass through the door along with his mother. As soon as he stepped out of the door with his mother, he realized that there was no door to his room. In fact, there was no room. The entire house was there but his room was not. He realized he was no longer a part of his family. In fact, he never was. Soon, his little sister and deadbeat father joined his mother with a vicious, cold glare. His deadbeat father smirked and revealed the real situation to him. Rayon’s father said wickedly that Rayon’s entire life was an illusion however, his existence was real. In reality, there was a war between good and evil on the planet Earth. Evil had won and goodness had lost. However, some of the good entities had released a curse upon the evil entities just minutes before the good entities had died. This curse could only be overcome by adopting and accepting a child from the good entity descent with pure intention. With the luck of evil, the curse was modified so that pure intention was not necessary and the curse would eventually be transferred to the adopted good child at the age of 17. So, the answer to Rayon’s question, “Did I fail life or did life fail me?” was that life had failed him…

Did I Fail Life or did Life Fail Me? -Realization


All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. 
-Galileo Galilei

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