Wanderlust is an astonishing feeling and experience that a person in thirst for long adventurous journeys experiences. An intense, compelling passion to explore unknown locations often drive the people experiencing wanderlust to give into the urges of travelling at every available opportunity. Wanderlust gradually transforms people into becoming non-materialistic as they begin to value miraculous experiences over possessions. Wanderlust emerges at the instance of an awe-inspiring scenic sight that gives rise to a warm, optimistic feeling inside an individual. These snug, sanguine internal feelings mostly emerge every time people discover a new location while absorbing its every stunning unique features within themselves. The exceptional features of a locality positively stimulates all of the senses of a human being in such a striking manner that those inviting, bubbly feelings begin to be developed and felt from within.


Personal Development of Wanderlust

It had taken me about 14 years to realize that life had gradually and circumstantially formed me into a wanderluster. Although I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, my family had migrated with the young me to Sydney, Australia when I was 4 years old. While growing up in Australia, I had learned to explore several places within the Australian nation. Apart from this, my family and I also had to visit other exotic locations such as Singapore and Malaysia. In 2009, upon my return to Bangladesh, I had begun to feel the absence of travelling to various places which I often used to receive whilst I was growing up in Australia.


Personal Development of Wanderlust when Exploring Australia

Apart from exploring Sydney, the Australian state that I had resided in, I had also explored Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. Some of the renowned places that I had explored in Sydney were the Anzac Bridge, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Sydney Aquarium, Taronga Zoo, Luna Park, Blue Mountains, National Rainforest, Stanwell Topps, Bondi Beach and Palm Beach. Some of the adventurous activities that I got to participate in included abseiling, rock climbing and bungee jumping. In Gold Coast, Queensland, I enjoyed visiting Sea World, Movie World, Dream World, Wet & Wild, The Australia Zoo, Infinity and countless other exciting places. In Australia’s capital, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, I visited several Australian museums and monuments including the Old and New Parliament House, the Athletics Centre and my most favorite place, Questacon (The National Science and Technology Center). In Melbourne, Victoria, my most preferred locations of visit were the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).


Canberra, Australian Capital Territory


Darling Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales


Personal Development of Wanderlust when Exploring Singapore

In Singapore, I enjoyed the Sentosa Island the most where I got to watch a vibrant laser show as well as ride the monorail and the cable car. Furthermore, I enjoyed exploring the Underwater World, Botanical Gardens and Escape Theme Park as well as experiencing a Night Safari.


Sentosa Island


Underwater World


Escape Theme Park


Personal Development of Wanderlust when Exploring Malaysia

During a transit in one of my trips, I got to explore Malaysia for a couple of hours. The main attraction I was fortunate enough to see was the Petronas Twin Towers.


Petronas Twin Towers


Kuala Lampur, Malaysia


Personal Development of Wanderlust when  Exploring Bangladesh

At the age of 2 or 3, I visited Cox’s Bazaar with my family. Although I have some photographs, I still find it difficult to reminisce that entire trip. Furthermore, thanks to my university, I obtained a little opportunity to quench my thirst of exploring Bangladesh when I had the opportunity to stay in Savar for approximately 3 months last year. At Savar, I discovered an opportunity to visit the National War Museum and the National Memorial.


Cox’s Bazaar


National Memorial


Conclusion & Recommendation on Wanderlust

I had begun to experience serious negative emotions as I was unable to follow my wanderlust desires after returning to Bangladesh in 2009. I had personally noticed that visiting numerous new places used to boost my self-esteem and keep me content with myself and my life. This is why I strongly urge everyone to travel whenever the opportunity approaches. Still, it is important to consider the safety of situations and places one is going to visit. Although there are a number of benefits from wanderlust, disadvantages do still exist. Thus, I also encourage all wanderlusters to analyze a destination cautiously and prepare accordingly.


Things to Consider before Travelling:


Ask Yourself

Political Situation Are there any political turmoils at the destination?
Law and Order Is the law and order maintained at the destination enough to protect all the tourists?
Facilities Are the necessary resources and facilities available for tourists at the destination?
Mobility Is it easy to travel around the destination?

Figure 13-Criteria to Analyse before Travelling

Things to Consider before Travelling


“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

– Bill Bryson


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