First and foremost, what is karma? Karma is basically the cause and effect relationship that exists in a person’s life based upon his or her actions. This is not just a mere common religious concept but a universally recognized moral concept altogether. Are you a skeptic when it comes to believing in karma? Then sit back and enjoy reassessing your sentiments regarding this as you are presented with true accounts of how karma stings back criminals. You’ll see how karma stings back all kinds of perpetrators ranging from thieves, a capitalizing hitchhiker, a suicide bomber, a deceitful fiance and a spoilt, powerful teen motorbike gang (the best for the last!).


karma stings back


How Karma Stings Back Two Thieves!

The first thief was a boy in his late teens from Ohio, USA. His name was Tyller. In fact, he was a serial ‘STOP’ road sign stealing thief. The stolen signs were hung valiantly like a trophy in his room. Perhaps a rush of youthful immaturity had driven him to do this but karma can be serious and cruel sometimes. One night when he was engaging in the very same criminal act, he was unwary of a sign he had forgotten to steal. He had accidentally driven without stopping passed that very same unstolen sign. Consequently, karma stings back with an instant death as he was discovered run over by a tractor-trailer at the intersection where the unstolen sign remains until this day.

Another thief named Alexander decided to steal an iPhone from a sixteen year old girl. The girl had just received a recently released new version of an iPhone at her ‘Sweet 16’ birthday party from her maternal uncle. To her misfortune, Alexander had stolen her new iPhone at a shopping center later while she was shopping with the gift vouchers she had received on her birthday. After two days, Alexander had lost his stolen iPhone. Karma stings back Alexander this time when this lost iPhone is soon retrieved by a ‘Good Samaritan’ (a humble, selfless person) and handed over to the police. The dedicated police force then successfully investigates and identifies the rightful owner and the girl becomes fortunate enough to obtain her favorite possession back. What’s more is that the police force discovered that Alexander the thief had forgotten to log off from the Facebook smartphone application. Thus, Alexander was recognized and then penalized by the police through his recovered Facebook profile. To top it all off, the girl had informed all of Alexander’s Facebook friends and family about his crime through his logged in account.


karma stings back


How Karma Stings Back A Capitalizing Hitchhiker!

A Good Samaritan with the name of John had decided to give a ride to a hitchhiker one day. Not only a ride but in addition, John’s kindness had soon evolved into providing the hitchhiker with a meal and some cigarettes (Although they are bad for health and I personally discourage everyone from smoking) at a gas station. Upon dropping off the hitchhiker at the hitchhiker’s desired location, John had come to realize that the hitchhiker had stolen his wallet. John felt blessed as he woke up that morning with a gut feeling to carry less cash that day to which he obliged. It turned out that he had ended up spending the last bit of cash left at his last stop on the hitchhiker. John immediately informed his bank to freeze all his bank cards. To his glory, he also noticed the hitchhiker’s backpack lying on the car seat where the hitchhiker had sat, once he returned home. In the backpack, there were numerous valuable items and cash along with photographs of the hitchhiker. John of course, handed everything to the police who had seized and stored all of the hitchhiker’s possessions as evidence. So you see, that karma stings back anyone who tries to take advantage of the goodwill of an ideal human being.


karma stings back


How Karma Stings Back A Suicide Bomber 

Karma stings back a suicide bomber on a New Year’s Eve in Red Square, Russia when her ill intentions were defeated with weak thinking. Her plan was to stand in the heavily crowded Red Square wearing a loaded explosive belt awaiting for the clock to strike 00:00 and the new year to begin with a blast (Literally!) and taking the precious lives of everyone in the crowd. The woman’s phone was the electronically controlled bomb detonator which was set to detonate the bomb at the exact moment when the main mastermind terror planner’s text is received by the phone. Karma stings back this ill intending mass murderer by a sudden early automated text message sent from the network provider. Now this wouldn’t have occurred if she had remembered to turn off her phone. Perhaps, she might have needed it to be activated to help her kill her boredom. The early arrival of the text message had set off the bomb a long time before the targeted hour when Red Square was completely isolated. Thus, only the suicide bomber ended up dying solely as the whole terror plot went in vain!


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How Karma Stings Back A Deceitful Fiance

If you think karma stings back only in these modern times through technological advancements, then think again. In 1883, Henry from Texas had called off his engagement with Isabella despite knowing the numerous taunts a woman of those times would have to endure from the society if she was rejected by a man. Isabella was so devastated that she ended up taking her own life. Isabella’s brother had shot upon Henry to avenge his sister’s undeserving death and then committed  suicide. Fortunately, Henry had escaped death as the bullets had peeked away from him and entered a tree nearby. After two years went by, Henry decided to get rid of that same tree as it reminded him of his narrow escape from death. This time unfortunately for Henry, karma strikes back by lodging the same bullets from the tree which was supposed to kill him instantly through him as the tree was blown up with dynamite. Henry was well away from the tree as it was being blown up but unlike bullets, karma doesn’t fail to strike!


karma stings back


How Karma Stings Back A Powerful Teenage Motorbike Gang

I saved the best one for last. This crime was well known by all Bangladeshis. However, the effect of karma is known by few. I personally uncovered this from a neighboring teen who was in the same class as this gang. I think it was last year sometime when a teenage gang of 5 boys rode around on their motorbikes and harassed a woman in her mid 30s as she was returning home from her work. Yes, teens harassing (in Bangladesh, it’s referred to as eve-teasing) a woman in her 30s! How appalling! They attempted to touch her in inappropriate ways as they rode back and forth and surrounded the innocent woman. One of the criminals, Arafat had pulled her neck scarf (in Bangladesh it’s known as ‘orna’ while in India it’s known as ‘dupatta’) in such a manner that she slid and fell down face forward hitting her forehead on the high-leveled side pavement of the road (in Bangladesh, it’s known as side road island). This had slit open the front of her head in such a way, that parts of her brain had spurted out with a gush of blood according to the onlookers. The woman had died instantly. This woman was a simple middle class woman who worked at an NGO. She had a young child of 3 or 4 years patiently waiting for her to return home from work however, this child had no idea that its mother will never return back.
After this horrifying incident, the teenage gang had fled the scene but everyone in the locality had known them well for the amount of ruckus they had caused on their motorbikes regularly. After several “so called” investigations, they were not punished for their crimes. Most of the teens in that gang belonged to reputed, powerful families thus, no harm could ever come to them. Little did they know that karma stings back criminals with the very favorite possession that they used to commit the crime. In the recent 3 months, on each of the month, each of the boys have begun to die from terrible motorbike accidents. So far, there has been 3 deaths. Arafat had died in the exact same manner as the innocent woman had died. His motorbike was hit by a truck in such a way that his forehead was slit open and he was found face forward on the ground with parts of his brain and blood oozing out (I have seen the photos on his school friend’s FB profile). The other two boys of the same gang had also died through sudden motorbike accidents (I have seen photos of their death as well on their school friend’s profile). The two other boys’ names were Fuad and Arif. So it had taken a year for karma to become active since no proper actions were taken for the death of an innocent, hardworking lady/wife/mother/daughter/daughter-in-law and so on. That woman’s death as you can see had affected her entire family and may she always rest in peace.


karma stings back



You can’t get there alone. People have to help you, and I do believe in karma. I believe in paybacks. You get people to help you by telling the truth, by being earnest.

-Randy Pausch


Please note: I didn’t mention any full names, links or actual photographs of these events for privacy reasons and some of these photos are incredibly disturbing. If you wish to see them, please e-mail me and view them at your own risk.
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