Imagine finding your troublesome twin gradually taking away your life from the inside of your brain. What a horrifying discovery that would be!


Introducing The Troublesome Twin Living Inside her Brain

Yamini Karanam was unfortunate to experience her troublesome twin living inside her brain at the age of twenty six. She was originally born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. Sometime during her journey of pursuing her postgraduate studies at the Indianapolis University, USA, she began to realise something was wrong with her health. She initiated to feel weak, distressed and her life had started to become a burden for herself. She and neither did her doctors/health specialists have any idea that a troublesome twin was living inside her brain!


Her Life With The Troublesome Twin Living Inside her Brain

None of us can precisely imagine how much Yamini Karanam struggled with continuing her life with the troublesome twin living inside her brain. The virtuoso student of computer science had soon started to face cognitive challenges. She could not comprehend simply written materials and basic conversations with her relatives and friends. Then followed the agonising headaches draining all her energy and leaving her incredibly lethargic. A holiday away from her usual life was expected to refresh her but it just ended up making her more fatigued. With such deteriorating health conditions, she was having troubles with her academic life of course and she could not attend her job as well. Time was running out and she weakening by the minute. She was running out of patience as she desperately seeked out for medical attention or a divine miracle to save her from the troublesome twin living inside her brain.


Surviving The Troublesome Twin Living Inside her Brain

Primarily, the doctors had diagnosed a cyst or a tumour residing on the pineal gland of Karanam’s brain. It might interest you to know an ironic fact that according to René Descartes, the French philosopher, the pineal gland is the “principal seat of the soul”. As the size of the so called tumour or cyst was too small to operate on initially, the doctors refused to operate on it. Later on, it became vividly observable that the cyst or the tumour was growing. At this point, the medical specialists appeared unsure of what to do and just seemed to run consecutive tests on her reaching no effectual conclusion on suggesting a form of treatment.

Finally, Yamini miraculously came across a doctor called Hrayr Shahinian who is an expert at performing challenging keyhole brain surgeries at a unique establishment known as the Skullbase Institute in Los Angeles. The procedure she desired at this establishment was going to cost her a lot of money. Fortunately, she was blessed to have loving and supportive college friends and college mates who had set up an online fundraising account for her treatment early when she was diagnosed with a tumour/cyst in her brain.


Discovering The Troublesome Twin Living Inside her Brain

After Dr. Shahinian performed the procedure on her, what was found had perplexed the entire world! It was not a tumor or a cyst but it was her embryonic twin also medically known as ‘teratoma’! A teratoma is a tumour clumped with teeth, bone and hair and is estimated to be derived from embryonic remains. They are most often found inside the female reproductive organs (the ovaries) where they are not life threatening. On the contrary, the ones found inside the male reproductive organs (the testes) are deadly. Doctor Shahinian stated that this was Yamini’s unborn, undeveloped twin that was absorbed into her brain. The teratoma did not become active until Yamini had become mature reaching the age of twenty six. Such cases are extremely rare.


Conclusion of The Troublesome Twin Living Inside her Brain

Yamini Karanam is now recovering gradually but successfully and she is expected to recover completely and continue living her life normally in no time. At the time of interview, Karanam already showed signs of recovery and that her sense of humour remains intact after the procedure as she jokingly stated that her “evil twin sister had tortured her for the past twenty six years”!

I personally think she is extremely lucky to have gone to Indiana for her studies. Perhaps if she had not gone there, she would not have been able to survive. She would not have obtained treatment for her condition from an expert like Doctor Shahinian and she would not have had amazing and supportive friends to survive the traumatising experience of  having a troublesome twin living inside her brain. This goes to show that life is planned out in some sort of specific way. Life has a way of inventing unwanted complications but it also directs you towards a solution. If you are religious, it is God and if you are not religious then it is universal energy. There surely is some superior power for sure who acts as a guidance in everybody’s life.


Troublesome Twin Living Inside her Brain?


After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.

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