Eminem the king of words in the rap industry is an inspiration for the struggle of every single child around the world who could not obtain the total support of their parents in their lives soon after they came into the world. Eminem’s solitary struggle in life can teach all the independent children and orphans around the world to utilise their struggles in life as motivation to strengthen their goals in order to achieve the highest quality of life and respect for themselves.

When Eminem the King of Words was Born

Marshall Bruce Mathers III popularly known as Eminem the king of words was born on the 17th October of 1972 at Saint Joseph in Missouri. His mother was only 15 years old when she gave birth to Eminem. Few months after Eminem was born, his father packed up his belongings and left this small, young family of three and was never seen or heard of ever again. We can not say for certain whether Eminem’s father abandoned him or left in the discovery of a source of income for his new family. The fact does however tend to indicate more that the respected Eminem the king of words was abandoned by his father because his father did not notify anyone before leaving. A reason why the father might have left without informing anyone might have been because he either slyly wanted to escape his responsibilities or he did not want to be obstructed by any of his loved ones from going far away to earn financial stability for his family. The concluding main fact therefore is that Eminem the king of words was not as fortunate as the majority of us to have the love and support of a loving father.

Eminem the King of Words was Raised by His Mother

Eminem the king of words was however, fortunate to have his mother to raise him. Even though his mother was a teen herself, she still attempted with an unimaginable level of strength to raise her son who grew up to be a legendary individual of the hip hop industry. As a single, teenage mom, Eminem’s mother was probably not the most perfect mother we all have but her efforts to fulfil the responsibilities of both parents deserves all the applause every single mother in this world should get. Despite all the unrestrained efforts of the mother, Eminem the king of words still had to manage a very complicated life. It was often very difficult for his mother to be able to be employed within the same job for a long period of time. Therefore, the mother and son had to move quite frequently to various places and hence, various schools. Eminem mentioned once that he had to move from one school to another about two or three times annually. This made it very difficult for Eminem to concentrate on his academics. He even ended up spending a major part of his childhood living in public housing projects.

Eminem the King of Words

The Early Life of Eminem the King of Words

Eminem the king of words was rather a competent student until the ninth grade considering the intricate circumstances he grew up in. His transient living at various places impeded him from making friends. He became an introvert and a loner. He was treated as an outcast at every new school he attended. He was also bullied by some students in his new schools in many ways. He was often found battered and heaved into confined spaces of the sections of his schools. Eminem the King of Words indicated in many of his songs that he was not impressed with how his mother treated him throughout his childhood. This led to a lot of controversial events between the mother and son.

Eminem the king of words had an intense bond with the English language subject. His academic results always displayed a high mark in the English subject even when he was failing his other subjects. He stated that he always felt a strong desire to acquire all the words at his disposal for his immediate use whenever the situation requires. This indicates that as an individual he really valued the strength of words. Words were the strongest weapon he had to strike anyone who had acted wrongly towards him. Eminem the king of words found words to be his sanctuary-a secured place he could claim to be his own and give him strength. Rapping was the perfect healthy technique he used to express his negative emotions which developed from his life of many twists and turns.

Eminem the King of Words

Becoming Eminem the King of Words

After Eminem the king of words failed his academics for the third time at the Lincoln High School in Michigan, he made up his mind to quit studying at the age of seventeen. He was always very passionate for rapping. He lip-synched to the raps included in the hip-hop genre ever since he was four years old. Although he was involved in rapping since he was fourteen years old, he managed to gain popularity when he was seventeen years old. It was incredibly tough for him to gain success in the rapping industry because of his race. He showed an incredible amount of determination and perseverance to prove to the world that he is a talented rapper despite his Caucasian race.

Eminem the king of words successively recorded his first album named Infinite in 1995 which was the same year when his daughter Hailie was born. With his desperate efforts to support Hailey and her mother, Kim financially, Eminem the king of words began to participate in various rap battles. This was able to get him all the attention he required from many producers who belonged to reputed song recording labels. He really needed this because his first low budget album did not manage to gain much popularity beyond his locality. This was the ideal path towards the advancement of his desired career.

Eminem the King of Words

Eminem the King of Words ended up releasing eight albums in total till this date which are extremely loved by all the fans of the hiphop genre. He also acted in a few number of well acclaimed movies. His talent received countless praises in the music industry as he was honored by numerous nominations and several awards for his music as well as his acting abilities. This proves that if your input is hard work and strong determination to not give up, your output will surely be happiness and success no matter how impossible your hardship may be!

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Eminem the King of Words